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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Recent Conversations

Hannah upon waking: I am a cheetah blowing fire.

Me:. . . .ok?


Lindsay: Mom how does a boy horse get sperm into a girl horse?

Me: Uhh, how do you think?

Lindsay: They wrestle together? Like people?!?!?

Me: Yep. Time for church!


Lindsay: Mom do you pray?

Me: Well, what do you think?

Ryan: Well, since you have to take care of us, yeah, you pray.


Logan threw a toy at Ryan's face, and then Ryan hit Logan, so I fussed at them.

Ryan: Mom, kids will be kids, deal with it!


Hannah: I fell off.

Me: You fell off of what?

Hannah: Just the ground.

Me: Yep, you're definitely my kid.


Lindsay, acting crazy and jumping around the room: Does this look like a rodeo?

Ryan: No, it looks like dancing.

Lindsay, acting even more crazy: What about this, is this a rodeo?

Ryan: No.

Lindsay: Then what do you call this?

Ryan: I call that. . . . .Lindsay.


Hannah: Mom! Mom! I have something to tell you!

Me: Ok!

Hannah: I have to whisper it in your ear!

Me: ok.

Hannah, leaning in and whispering conspiratorially: Video killed the radio star.

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Lorie said...

Your kids are awesome!