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Monday, May 23, 2011

How to get to China, according to Google

All credit for this goes to the hubby, who originally figured this out. He was trying to find a street near his house on Google Maps. One of the locations was somewhere in China, and for kicks, he clicked "Get Directions".

The directions had him drive the West Coast, and then:

That's right, a quick jaunt in a kayak to Oahu. You cross the island, and it gets even better.

This part is a bit rougher, but yes, that's more kayaking, to Japan! Once in Japan, it's mostly tollroads until the final leg of the journey. I think this one is my favorite.

Make sure to bring along plenty of gas!

I tried this for a bunch of locations, including Sydney, and it worked. Oddly enough though, locations across the Atlantic do not. I also wonder at the choice of a kayak. If I were crossing the Pacific by boat, I think I'd choose something that has a bit more, um, ENGINE.

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