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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

This Past Week, in Haiku

Long long long long drive
I-95 is boring
Tarps don't hold up well

Lots of money gone
Dishonesty is rampant
Sometimes people suck

In a hotel room
Six people for many days
Man, what is that smell?

Hunting for a home
It's hard to find the right one
Ready to be done

A day at the beach
Water and sand, not worry
Now I am sunburned

A house has been found
We are drowning in red tape
Paperwork is dumb

Another fun day
A lake and my camera
Sleeping ducks are cute

Ready to go home
Cabin fever setting in
Adulthood is dumb


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Lacey said...

I saw 95 and had a moment of old age syndrome kick in....I was trying to figure out why you were over here (I live off US 95 :). Hope J is getting settled in and you and the kids are falling into a "new" normal. ((HUGS))