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Friday, March 04, 2011

Deep Breaths

Wow, almost a month with no blog posts! I've just been so busy dealing with. . .life. And remembering to breathe. This will be one of my famous "explosion of randomness!" posts. Now with pictures!

-I know the first thing everyone probably wants to hear about is Lindsay. So, this is for those who are not on Facebook to get caught up. The latest news is yes, Lindsay does have spina bifida. It's a type called "spinda bifida occulta", which if you google is a very mild form that usually goes undiagnosed. It normally doesn't cause any complications, and most people only find out they have it if they are getting a neck x-ray for something totally unrelated, like Lindsay was. However, she does have some vertebrae that didn't come together right when she was forming in the womb. Why that wasn't caught before, I'm not sure. The specialist said that there is a good chance it will never cause her any issues, but they are going to see her every year while she is growing to be sure. There is a chance her neck could start to grow wrong, so they'll have to keep an eye out for that. WHEE.

-Happier news: both Ryan and Lindsay got baptized this past weekend. Proud moment for us, and some family came in to town to celebrate. Some of that family included my nephews, one of which we hadn't met yet, so that was, of course, awesome.

-Part of getting the house ready for visitors was moving forward with house repairs. The family still had to deal with unpainted walls and some other things, but I'm pleased with the direction our house is taking. We got new floors put in the dining room, and built a wall where there used to be a banister type railing. Some peeks of that:

-The hubby is moving in a few weeks. It's amazing how our decision to do things the way we have, gets such polarized reactions. We've had some people try to make us feel bad for it, but we've had really supportive people who understand as well. It's funny how people who aren't even part of the situation have such strong opinions about things. Frankly, we know what we can handle. The situation isn't ideal, but we've been through worse, so we'll get through this too. We're doing things this way for now, and taking things as they come. Maybe in a few months things will change. Who knows? We're just stepping out in faith that things will work out, and thumbing our noses to everyone else. (Which is pretty much what we've done since the first day we were married, anyway.)

-Homeschooling is still chugging along. I think I finally found a math program that will work well with Ryan. He is also working his way through the Harry Potter series at the moment, so his new found love of reading is still chugging along, too. Lindsay I worry about, because she is the least willing to work for me. However, she's also grades ahead of where she should be for reading, and I did an end of the year assessment on her for math,(three or four months before the end of our school year) and she passed that just fine, so. . .whatever, I guess.

-Logan is still doing great. We had an exciting moment recently where he answered the question "How old are you?" correctly for the first time. Still working on getting him into somewhere that he can be officially diagnosed though. Sigh.

-Hannah is still. . . Hannah. She had a check up and the doctor declared her to be absolutely perfect. She's beginning to learn to write her name and is a normal, happy healthy four year old. It's kind of ironic that out of the four kids, the one that scared us the most when she was born, is the one without any issues whatsoever, now. At least we have the one that we don't have to worry about.

*deep breath*

1 comment:

Jim said...

You NEVER have one that you don't have to worry about.

And Lindsay could be taking a page from her aunt Gloria. Or aunt Morgann, for that matter (at least the earlier, v1.0 Morgann :).