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Monday, August 23, 2010

And then she was 4

During my absence from blogging, there were two birthdays around here. Hannah's, and mine. Our birthdays are a mere three days apart, with mine coming first. This year was the big 3-0 for me. I tried to ignore it, but Facebook wall posts were rampant, and the hubby and kids threw me a little party here at home. It wasn't so bad, really. About a month before my birthday, I had started being unhappy about it, but now that we're a few weeks into my thirties, I'm feeling better. It really helps that I actually did make my goal. My weight loss goal, that is. Well, technically I'm five pounds away from my ideal weight goal, but it's close enough. I've lost about 25 pounds, and with the exception of my butt, I'm pretty happy with how my body is looking. It was an important goal to me, to start off my 30's with a body I'm happy with, so I am quite proud that I actually made it.

Anyway, a few days later, Hannah turned four. Such a bittersweet thing for me, because if we were doing public school, she'd be old enough for pre-k this year. I have all school aged kids now. It's something that makes me extremely proud and extremely sad at the same time. (and I know as they get older that feeling is only going to get worse.)

Hannah had decided on a fish birthday, and I decided to make an awesome cake. I searched the internet for ideas, and bought many different things, and then sat down to work. I was actually pretty happy with how the cake turned out, and I think Hannah was too.









Lacey said...

Great cake!

See, I told you 30 wasn't so bad!

The Mrs. said...

Amazing cake and AMAZING accomplishment, Meghann! Happy belated birthday!

monstergirlee said...

Holy crap - what an awesome cake, you did awesome Mama!

btw - Happy Birthday! Enjoy your thirties.

Meghann said...

Lacey-well so far I'm not super impressed with this decade, but at least I stopped feeling sorry for myself.

The Mrs. and Charlotte-Thank you!

Annah said...

Oh my God those pictures at the end made me laugh out loud. She is SO CUTE! And my what expressions! I'd be happy as heck too if I had a cake that looked like that ;)

Kim Hosey said...

I love the cake! And it sounds like your 30s are off to a pretty good start.

And yes, she is adorable in the pictures.

Meghann said...

Annah-if you lived anywhere near me, I'd make you one for your birthday. And yes, Hannah is a complete and total ham, she cracks me up.

Kim-Thanks! (and my 20's were kind of awful, so I'm hoping the only way to go is up!)

marsanderson said...

That is an awesome cake, and congrats on losing 25 pounds!! You are amazing!