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Thursday, June 24, 2010

An Open Letter to Taco Bell

(because I need to post about something less heavy)

Dear Taco Bell,
We've had a long relationship, you and me. I've never really been that into burgers, so you've always been my favorite fast food place, despite your best efforts to turn me away. You keep making changes over the years, and they are ones that are actually not very bright ideas. I stay because I still don't like burgers very much, but I have to say, lately you're really starting to tick me off.

For one thing, who on earth's "bright" idea was it to introduce new combos that have THE SAME numbers as existing combos? I can't see how this was a logical idea. Any time someone orders let's say, a combo number 4, the person taking the order has to verify if it's a COMBO number 4, or a "Meal Deal" number 4. Not only does this add time, but it raises the chances for mistakes. My poor husband, even after verifying with the voice on the other side of the drive thru speaker that yes, he wanted a COMBO number 1, got home and opened up the bag to find he had gotten the other number 1 instead. Since he was already all the way home, he didn't feel like returning to fix things, so instead he ate as much as he could of the wrong food and then had to rummage in the fridge.

I'm going to be gracious and not even mention the fact that the prices are starting to get ridiculous. ($7 for one of the combos? Really?!)

Where you are really letting me down though, is the de-evolving of one of my favorite foods on your menu. The mexican pizza has been around for a really long time. I remember getting it sometimes as a treat when I was a kid. They were completely amazing back in the day. The black olives were the first to go, and I still mourn them to this day. The chives were next. There was even a point in there where the tomatoes were gone too because of a recall. At least those are back. The next thing to go was the pizza being cut into four pieces. I have to say that one really pisses me off. Especially when you get it in the drive thru and then get somewhere else to find out they didn't give you any utensils to eat it with either. This food that was once (for me) the pinnacle of the Taco Bell menu has definitely slid backwards. A lot. People are expecting this:

And instead, they open up that little box to find this:

And of course I was given nothing to eat it with. Not fun when I am sitting in a car, starving, and trying to not get messy.

I want to bring something to your attention though, not *only* are my beloved olives and chives gone, and the pizza not even cut for me, but I have to ask you to take a close look at this:

Do you see what is wrong with this picture? See that tortilla sitting right there? Does that look like a flaky and crispy flour crust for my mexican pizza? Does it? Of course it doesn't, because IT'S NOT. Instead it was half stale tostada shells.

W-T-F, Taco Bell?!?!? So not only, NOT ONLY was it not cut and I wasn't given a utensil, the tortillas were hard to break and half chewy and basically meant I was eating a fancy tostada, which is NOT what I paid for.

This had better have been a fluke. If this is the latest "change" to the mexican pizzas, I'm totally breaking up with you.



Jim said...

I always get two or three bean burritos (now sometimes even the "fresca" burritos). Hard to be disappointed with those!

I still miss their encharitos (sp?), which may have already been off the menu before you were born.

Meghann said...

Dad-you can get enchiritos still. At least, you can here. Jeremy gets them all the time!

dizzidaisy23 said...

can't get enchiritos here that i know of. i love the cheesy gordita crunches though, which are like moderately seasonal at best.

what's with the doritos all of a sudden? seriously, if i wanted a bag of chips, i'd go to the gas station.

and next time a fast food places screws up your order, call them and speak to the manager. del taco forget our kids' meal toys the other day, so we called (turns out they had actually run out of toys) and we'll be getting 3 free kids' meals on the next visit, possibly with an additional 3 toys. :)

Andy said...

oh holy crap! I was *just* ranting about mexican pizzas yesterday. There's a running gag that at my local Taco Bell, you never get a mexican pizza the same way twice.

Yesterday's catastrophe was a crispy flour tortilla, on top of which was the meat and beans - one on one side, one on the other. On top of that was a CORN tortilla, with enough sauce for a regular pizza pie, a handful of unmelted shredded cheese (only one kind, too - yellow), and 11 pieces of "diced" tomato. The one I got before this time only had beans, sauce, and cheese. No meat or tomatoes. Argh!