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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Glimpse of Married Life

(or at least MY married life anyways.)

The hubby emails me the following picture and message:

What color does this look like to you? Hint its a picture i took yesterday of something actually named a color.

The following conversation ensues:

Hubby: Did you get it yet?

Me: No, I have no idea.

Hubby: What color is it?

Me: Yellow?

Hubby: :(

Me: What?! It's a yellow thingie surrounded by purplish looking stuff.

Hubby: *sigh* But what color is it?

Me: It's yellow.

Hubby: But what's a PALE yellow?

Me: Lemon?

Hubby: *SIGH*

Me: Banana?

Hubby: This is not going in the right direction.

Me: I TOLD you, I have NO IDEA!!!!!

Hubby: Am I asking too much?

Me: YES.

Hubby: *precedes to tell me what it is*

Me: Seriously?! I was supposed to get that?!?!?!

Hubby: *sigh*

Me: I am totally blogging this.

And, in the spirit of insane fun, and to show I'm not totally dense not getting what this was, I'll wait till tomorrow or so before I post the answer. That way, everyone can throw their guesses out, and I can show the hubby that no, this wasn't exactly an obvious thing.


monstergirlee said...

Man, I have no idea.
It looks like the sun peeking out through the clouds.
The sun is not light yellow.
Sorry, lame I know.

Meghann said...

No, no, this is a good thing. The more other people are confused too, then it shows that I WIN.

elle said...

Is it a small citrine on a background of violet crushed velvet, taken way out of focus?

Lacey said...


Jeremy must be smoking something :).

MacAtac said...

Hey my camera on my phone has been scratched for about six months beyond valid use. It's the color i was trying to capture. It is sunlight shining through a drop of something. That's why the color is much more yellow than what people normally think of when they think of this substance. (trying to make myself look as stupid as possible, is it working?)

Jim said...

That's a color?

I agree. I want what he's smokin'! Those musicians!

furiousBall said...

no clue