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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Burn To Disc

We took an impromptu (I love using that word) vacation this past weekend. Wednesday afternoon, the hubby let me know he was going out of town for two days, and was um, leaving the next morning. Before I could be all HULK-SMASH on him, he said those magical words: "Why don't we go to the beach?"

Those that know me, know that the beach is the equivalent of Valium for me. The hubby had to be in Savannah to play a gig, but would be done by noon on Friday. So, after much internet searching and phone calls, I found us a place to stay on Tybee Island starting Friday afternoon. We were able to stay until Monday morning. We packed a lot into those few days. Things that I didn't necessarily have a camera for, but want to remember. (Even though I am a complete shutterbug, I do understand the importance of purposely leaving the camera behind sometimes, so I'll *do* and not just take pictures of the rest of the family *doing*.)

We stayed in a house on the marsh side of the island that had its own private dock, which we used a lot, when we weren't on the beach getting fried. (Even with using SPF 70 waterproof sunscreen and reapplying many times, we all still got burned. In stupid ways too, like just *one* of my shoulders. Awesome.)

Anyways, some amazing things happened over the weekend that I am purposely trying to burn into my brain so I can carry them with me for all time.

-Getting caught in the rain with Logan. We had been on the beach shell hunting, and the others had already gotten back to the car. I had trailed behind with Logan, and we were taking our time getting back. That's when the rain hit. Hard. It poured and we got soaked and were freezing. We had fun with it though, and spent the time making our way to the car by pretending we were swimming in the ocean looking for our submarine.

-Sitting on the beach as a family, each person intently working on making their own sand castle.

-Me noticing some weird creatures in the water burying themselves in the sand. The hubby caught one and we put it in a bucket and spend some time watching it with the kids before we let it go. (I've been googling and still can't figure out what it was. . .)

-Watching the crabs from the dock. There were tons, ranging in size from a couple of inches across down to some that were smaller than my fingernail.

-Shell hunting on a beach where there were so many shells the waves made a different sound.

-Sitting on the dock fishing with Ryan and Lindsay, our bare feet dangling in the water, enjoying the quiet and stillness that was only occasionally broken by a fish jumping or a distant sea gull, with the most amazing sunset overhead being reflected in the water. One of my favorite moments I've experienced as a human being.

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Jim said...

Sounds great! Glad you guys got to do that.

MacAtac said...

you are good at creating vacations out of thin air and memories out of thick heads.