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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today's Lesson

Every once in a while I give y'all a peek into our homeschooling world. Some days are way more laid back than others. Today is one of those days. A day where the kids have no idea that what they are doing is schoolwork. I personally think these are my favorite days.

I handed Lindsay and Ryan a pad of paper and a pencil and threw them outside. They were charged with the task of identifying how many different plants are growing in our backyard. (We have an abundance of weeds this year) They think this is an exciting game! They get to be in the backyard! And they get to DRAW! What they don't realize is they are learning. Learning about classifying things and noticing details. I also told them to feel free to come up with names for the ones they don't know, which is great for fostering their creative sides.

It also gets them out of the house so I can get laundry done. Win-win!


furiousBall said...

one of my guitar students is home schooled and he's such a great kid. i love talking to his mom about it all, it's a fascinating world to a public school kid like me.

Meghann said...

fB-it's definitely been an adventure. I've learned just as much as the kids have, and we're constantly evolving how we teach.

And it has the perk that we can drop everything and go on vacation whenever we want, which appeals to the free spirit in me. Like why just talk and read about space exploration? We were able to go see a launch in person, which teaches way more than any worksheet ever could.

christine said...
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Christine said...

The best lesson are the ones they don't know that they're learning!!
major kudos to you - homeschooling i could NOT do!

Meghann said...

Christine-thanks! One of the big factors in our decision was having one Autistic son and one with Aspberger's. Public school was just not working. We're taking it year by year, and maybe someday public school will be what they need, but for now this is what is working!