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Thursday, April 15, 2010


We did actually do other things while we were there. The shuttle launch was on Monday, and we stayed until Saturday. (I had figured we were going to the launch during Spring Break, so might as well really live it up!)

We stayed in Daytona Beach Shores. (Mainly because that was the closest place to the launch that still had availability, and was on the beach.) Looking out our hotel window, I could see why Florida is popular:


Tuesday we visited the historic Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, which is the second tallest in the U.S. Then we tried our hand at fishing, although that didn't go too well.

Link to album of Lighthouse and fishing pictures

We spent Wednesday of that week in the pool all day, because that is what the kids had voted for. They froze their butts off, but they had a good time:

Thursday we took a boat tour of the Intercoastal Waterway, and then drove north looking for a beach with good shells. (and less people) We found it in the form of Varn Park. A beach just north of Flagler Beach, where the shells were so plentiful, in most places there were more shells than sand. We found some pretty good stuff, and enjoyed some privacy. For a couple of hours, we were literally the only people on that beach. It was great for us to relax, as I was able to just let the kids run and not worry.

Album of boat ride and Varn Park

Friday was our last full day. We hit the marine science center, and then visited Lighthouse Point Park, a state park at the southern end of the island Daytona Beach is on. We saw four Gopher Tortoises, walked on the jetties, and then the kids had one last fling on the beach. It was a great ending to our week.

Album of last day

It was definitely a full week, and one we'll all remember for a long time. We were all sad to leave, and I think we'll have to be sure to visit Florida again!

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