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Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Obsession

Somehow, I was introduced to this webcam. I can't stop watching. It's the webcam for the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. A lot of nights when I'm cooking dinner, I'll have the laptop on in the kitchen. From the time they rehearse, to the time they are walking away husband and wife is usually 15 minutes, tops. While I'm waiting for water to boil, I watch two people who may or may not be sober get hitched. It's a sick fascination.

A couple of shots from this past week:

First up, Alena (sp?) and James. This one was definitely not a sober affair, considering the best man, maid of honor, AND groom all giggled at some point through the vows.

Now this wedding was actually fun to watch. This is Felipe and Juliana (once again guessing on the spellings) from Brazil! The bride came down the aisle with Elvis to the song "Teddy Bear" and they just kind of partied through the whole wedding. At the end of the ceremony they waved to the webcam where apparently family back home were watching.

This is Jan and Rick. It was just the two of them, but they seemed nice!

Here was a vowel renewal, after being married for five years. I think it would be a fun way to do it. This is Stacy and Daniel (I think, the Elvis was kind of mumbling), and I want to say they are from Australia based on the accents I was hearing. Stacy was walked down the aisle by Elvis.

And while I was typing this, yet another couple entered into holy matrimony. Congrats to Andy and Autumn Robinson from my hometown of Houston! I am digging that they actually dressed up. It gives me hope for them.


Lacey said...

How about this, Bryan and I will go renew our vows there once we move and you can watch...LOL!

Meghann said...

Ooh, will you have Elvis walk you down the aisle?!?