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Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Countdown Begins

The hubby left this morning to go away for training. He'll be done in 50 days. I'm trying to stay calm. After all, we've survived two year long deployments, so a little less than two months should be a breeze right? That's the denial I am accepting and sticking with, anyways.

I'm trying to plan things to keep us busy, and out of the house. I know staying home will mean insanity. There are lots of state parks nearby to explore, so I'm planning on visiting a bunch of those on days we don't have anything else to do. There's also a big surprise for the kids in early April. A once in a lifetime kind of thing that I'm really excited for. Keeping what it is exactly under wraps though, to let the excitement build.

We may even sneak up to see the hubby at some point. It seems he might have weekends off, and it's a beautiful area.

I haven't been blogging mostly because I've been freaking out about this time and trying to mentally prepare myself. Will I come back to writing more now that it's actually happening? I don't know, I guess time will tell.

p.s.-out of boredom (and curiosity) I joined in the Formspring madness. You can ask me anything, anonymously. http://www.formspring.me/midgetinvasion

p.p.s.-I know the hubby is all about safety, and may worry that I've told the internets that me, the wilting southern flower, and his innocent angelic children are all alone out here on the big bad frontier. So to that, I say this: anyone who comes to rob or take advantage of us during this time will be forced to babysit. You have been warned.

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