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Friday, March 19, 2010

Bored? Help me shop!

Here's your chance to weigh in on one of our house repairs.

In our kitchen, we have what I refer to as "UFO lights". I'm pretty sure they are original to the 1978 house we live in. They also only have one light each, and it's just not enough. We need more. I've been slowly but surely improving the kitchen, and the lighting's time is coming soon.

So, go to lowes.com or homedepot.com and shop! It has to be something that hangs, as we have vaulted ceilings that are slanted. It also needs to be something that has more than one light.

This was our kitchen when we first moved in:

Since then, painting has happened, the cabinet knobs were replaced, and so were the outlet covers. Here's a picture which gives you an idea of the color scheme and "look" we're going with, the only thing you can't see are the outlet covers, which are rubbed bronze. Oh, and this picture kind of washes out the wall color, which is a definite yellow. Banana Cream by Behr if you're uber curious.

So, go forth, and give me your opinion! My only stipulation is nothing too fru-fru, and the less expensive the better, definitely in the under $100 range, since I'll have to buy two.


Jim said...

In some states fluorescents are required in the kitchen as the main lighting by "code," and certainly would give a lot of light. But mounting them on that slant would be a bit weird looking, and fluorescent light is ugly, if bright.

Two strips of track lighting above each counter could work.

furiousBall said...

I say you get some blue cookie monster fur and two big googly eyes and put that on the far wall. You're welcome.

Meghann said...

Dad-I use fluorescent bulbs in the lighting as it is now, does that count? :-P

furiousball-that *would* add a certain ambiance to the room.

MacAtac said...


just putting some lights under and over the cabinets without the row of recessed lighting and hanging bulbs that give off light 360 make this the wowwy est picture i could find.

to say again, the recessed in this photo seems vestigal, and the effect from hidden lights could be done cheaply. the darkness could be counteracted best by a full glow up and down i'd hope.

maybe just lighting above OR below too. curious to see what you decide.