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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another check in

As those who follow me on Twitter know, my diet and exercise still has not made it back to the top of the priority list. After we all recovered from the stomach flu, some of the kids came down with a new bug. It involved more sleepless nights, and ended up with a trip to the doctor for Hannah. She won for being our first child to ever have an ear infection, and she went for the gold by having a double one to boot. She left the doctor with some lovely door prizes: antibiotics and steroids! The kids are all mending, although some are still not 100% yet.

And then....it snowed! Here in Augusta, Georgia. It snowed last year, but none of it stuck. The ground is usually too warm here, and it never snows enough for that. This time was different though. It snowed more than it has in twenty years, or something like that. It actually stuck, and we got an accumulation of 4-6 inches. While the Northeast was recovering from the Snowpocalypse, we were having Snowpaloosa 2010. Our family got to enjoy its first ever snowball fight, and snowmen were made. There is still a bit of snow on the ground, even. (It snowed Friday night, and it's now Sunday afternoon!) It's been a total blast for this town, and a much needed distraction for our family.

I haven't totally forgotten my goals though. I did do one day of trampolining this past week. I've also made more of an effort to actually take our dog for walks. With as sore as I am, I'm also wondering how many calories a good snowball fight burns.

I've also changed tactics on my diet. I wanted to do the Atkins for the big initial weight loss, to keep me motivated. Well, the stomach flu took care of that for me, and knocked a third of my goal down. My latest thinking is to eat as little sugar as possible, sticking to complex carbohydrates. I'm also staying away from refined flour, and have made the lovely discovery that whole wheat pastas and tortillas are actually *better* than the regular. The other big thing is I am actually paying attention to what a serving is. There is a lot of talk about our society eating portions that are too big. I am making more of an effort to keep that from happening to me. I actually read the package, see what a serving is, and just have that. It's been eye opening for sure. Some things, the portions are bigger than what I was expecting. Others, well, let's just say: OUCH.

One final ramble, I joined a site called Spark People. It's free, and you can use it to keep track of your calories consumed, your exercise, and your weight loss goals. It's free, and there are message boards if you're into that. I really like it, and it's definitely helping me on the calorie watching end.

So, weight is still the same, at 155, so I haven't rebounded, thankfully. Hopefully, as I add more exercise back in, that number will start dropping. We shall see!

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Lacey said...

You can do it! I use My Fitness Pal, to track my food/exercise, manily because it has the best iphone app IMO. Of course it does me no good when I don't track...LOL! My Tampa weight finally left and now I have San Antonio weight to lose. Sigh.