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Thursday, May 28, 2009

T-Minus 36 hours and counting

Give or take, until we leave for the vacation to the north. I'm ok. Really. So I watched a squirrel, took and edited photographs, and worked on painting the back deck today instead of packing. I'm FINE.

I am actually getting really excited though. One of my favorite bloggers, The Pioneer Woman, is in NYC now. Seeing all of her pictures that she has been posting during her trip is getting me geared up. I'm currently trying to decide how many gigs worth of memory cards I need to take. And also trying to decide how best to tote around my camera in the Big Apple without looking too much like Touristy McGooberstein.

Hmm. . .


Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com said...

Yay for vacations! I hope you have a good time =)

And don't worry too much about looking like Touristy McGooberstein. The pictures will, I'm sure, be worth it!

Meghann said...

Thanks Sarah! I think I will just have to embrace the inner goober and let my Nikon dangle from my neck. :)