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Friday, May 01, 2009

Birthday Present Shenanigans!

Now with craptacular pictures!

There was a certain present Ryan had pined for. One that we weren't going to get him, because we already had his birthday present planned. But, his grandpa asked what he wanted, and I told him whatever would be fine, but let him in on what Ryan had been really hoping for.

Sure enough, grandpa swooped in to save the day. And thus, the following chain of events unfolded.

Ryan opening the box

And here he is excited about what it is. (a robotic arm that has to be built before you can use it)

And thus the building began

Ryan working on freeing the plastic pieces (it builds character you know)

Assembling the various gear boxes (try to ignore the "art" on the wall, it will be gone soon)

Which became a whole family affair

Building the base

After a few other moves, the arm began to take shape

Ooh, it's beginning to look like. . .something.

Working on building the claw

The completed claw! (which I built most of, thank you very much)

Attaching the claw to the arm (ok here, you are supposed to ignore the crappy looking net, which is a long story, and will hopefully be gone soon too. Ahem.)

The hubby assembling the control box

Almost there. . .


1 comment:

Jim said...

Great stuff! But where's the pay off? I was expecting pics of the mighty robot arm grasping and lifting Vader, Hannah or Mommy's priceless crystal vase!

Hope it works and hope Ryan is happy with the end results.