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Monday, December 08, 2008

Uh oh, here comes that soap box again

Yes, yes, I have dragged it out again today. This time, for something I very much believe in, and I know a lot of you out there do too. This is about handmade toys. You know, the great wood cars or sewn dolls you can get? The ones where you know the maker by their first name, and don't have to worry about if the Chinese are trying to poison us through our toys again? There are lots of groups out there that have movements each year, to "Buy handmade!". We do, as much as we can. Our kids are getting some great stuff this year from toy makers on sites like Etsy and Hyenacart.

You all know there has been a ton of news lately about stuff from China being dangerous. In response, Congress has passed a bill to help ensure the safety of toys being sold in the United States. It requires them to all be tested for lead. Sounds great, right? Woohoo!

Well, not so much. Read that again, it requires EVERY toy to be tested. So along with Fisher Price and Mattel, that mom and pop shop you may know locally that sells handmade trucks? They have to test too. Every seller on Etsy and Hyenacart? Yep, all of them too. Know how much it is to get that testing done? Something to the tune of $4,000. . .per item. If they don't get the testing done, they either have to close up shop, or go against federal law and continue selling, risking the ramifications of getting caught.

What's even better, is they are discussing grants for the large corporations to have the testing done. Of course, nothing about helping out small businesses. If this bill stays alive, and is enforced, it will be the end of being able to buy handmade toys legally in this country. How sad is that?

So, want to do something about it? Here's how!

Go here, and read, and copy their sample form letter, and send it to your congressmen. They even have the links for you to find out who your congressmen are on the site. It literally takes less than five minutes to make your voice heard. I've even done it already, and I'm lazy as all heck.



Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

great post!

Lacey said...

That's crappy! Some of the best toys are ones with life (aka real people).