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Monday, December 22, 2008

All she wanted for Christmas. . .

. . .was to see!

We had noticed over the summer, Lindsay's left eye would go crossed sometimes. I knew she needed her eyes checked, but it kept being put off for one reason or another. A little while ago, she started complaining about things looking "foggy". I once again made a mental note to get her in soon, but probably after the holidays.

She was complaining about it a lot again today, things being foggy. I decided to try an at home experiment where I stood in front of her, moving closer, and told her to tell me when I wasn't foggy any more. I moved closer and closer, thinking "Ok, any time now!" But she didn't say I looked clear until I was about a foot in front of her face. That's when I realized that she needed to be checked sooner rather than later.

Surprisingly enough, when I called in to the optometrist today, they still had openings for today. So off to crazyland, I mean, the mall, we went. She had her eyes checked, and it turns out her vision is like BAD. I really felt like a turd finding out just how bad. A turd because she has been seeing this bad for at least 6 months now, and it could have been remedied a lot sooner.

After we got her prescription, we went to the glasses section, and began the lengthy process of finding "the ones". I had to steer Lindsay away from a few selections that she liked, but I had strong feelings about. She finally saw some that fit the bill. They are pink, Barbie, have flowers, AND they have sparklies. The holy grail of girly glasses.

Only an hour's wait later, and we were on our way home. Lindsay enjoyed a few rousing games of taking off her glasses and saying "foggy!", and then putting them on saying "clear!". Although within 5 minutes of being home, she has already put a light scratch on them. SIGH.

Anyways, here is the princess, with her magical glasses that help her to see at wicked awesome 20/20! (as always, click to see them bigger)

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The Mrs. said...

Cute as always! Don't feel bad about being a "turd", Meghann. My mom did the same thing to me, and I turned out okay. =)