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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Practice makes perfect?

I've decided I need to get better at doing the girls' hair. i.e.-actually do their hair from time to time. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not the girly type at all, so this has been a challenge. It doesn't help that my "lucky" daughters inherited my hair. The super fine wispy fly-away hair. I guess it's payback for me, as I remember my mom and others trying to fix up my hair and being frustrated.

So today, while Logan was in physical therapy, I decided to put up the girls' hair. Actually, I had decided to just do Lindsay's, but as soon as I was done with hers, Hannah came over and plopped herself in my lap with a book. She looked so much like she was at the salon I couldn't refuse, it was too cute.

Really what I need are tips. Tips on how to get better results, and maybe on what type of hair styles I should try. Keep in mind that not only is their hair super fine, it's also not very long. The two things I do know are to wet it slightly and use a comb. (neither of which I was able to do today, sigh) Anything else?

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