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Monday, November 17, 2008

Just a few things, since I am typing one handed

1. The mrs. from my blogroll was our game winner, with 90 points! The runners up were my friends Rachel and Tara, with 70 points each. Sorry no fancy prize, but you do get bragging rights, which I am sure you don't mind!

2. Logan had his cardiologist appointment this morning. He does have both a murmur, and a mitral valve prolapse. Thankfully though, both are in the normal range. He was checked by two different cardiologists to be sure. They declared his heart to be perfectly normal, if a bit noisy. So thanks to everyone that was sending prayers and thoughts our way over that!

3. I am typing one handed because I have injured my shoulder. We won't get into exactly what happened right now, but the gist is I have pills and have to wear a sling. . .for the next 2 or 3 weeks. Ack! The dr. told me to take it easy, and that's going to be a barrel of fun. Especially with Lindsay's birthday this Friday and Thanksgiving next week. Sigh.

I'm definitely going to still do NaBloPoMo, although the entries might be a bit short, as typing one handed is tiring. I do cheat sometimes and type with two, but that hurts, and might get some dirty looks from the hubby.


The Mrs. said...

Bragging rights...holla!

Yay for normal range! Keeping the little dude in my thoughts and prayers.

A sling for 2-3 weeks? Yikes. Do you think your shoulder injury was some sort of karma delivered to you via the evil Motrin empire? Those bastards...

Lacey said...

What in the world did you do to your shoulder?