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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's not easy being a two year old

In fact, I am sure it's down right confusing.

Hannah has really been into drawing and coloring these days. However, she still doesn't understand what is and is not ok to color on. I'm not sure we're really helping matters either. A typical afternoon:

Hannah: *colors on a very important piece of paper, cause you know, mom and dad say to color on paper*

Me: Ack! Don't color on that! Here, have a plain sheet of paper.

Hannah: *colors on that, gives me her picture, and goes and plays*


Hannah: *is coloring in daddy's "Drill and Ceremonies" Army manual*

Me: Ack! Don't color on that!!!!!

Hannah: *runs away*

Me: Sigh.

Even later

Hannah: *colors in a coloring book*

Me: What are you coloring in Hannah?

Hannah: *looks up at me with fear and drops her crayon*

Me: A coloring book! That's great! Go ahead, you can color in that. *smiles hopefully a convincing smile*

Hannah: *looks at me skeptically, and then runs away for good measure*

Me: Sigh.


dizzidaisy23 said...

I can so relate. Tyler still does the "color, color, eat some crayon, color, color, eat some more" thing. I've found that the big huge crayons take longer to devour.

angi said...


Forgot to mention, I gave you a blog award this weekend!