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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The amazing sleeping Hannah

All of my kids have been the type that can fall asleep anywhere. Hannah has been the best at it, as she fights sleep, hard. She fights it so hard, that she just goes and goes, until her body just gives out. This has lead to some interesting picture opportunities, including the time when she was a baby and fell asleep standing up holding on the the side of her playpen. She was even drinking a bottle at the time.

I mentioned in another post that we went to a hockey game a week ago. While we were sitting there, among the hustle and bustle of waiting for the game to start, I glanced over at Hannah to see this:

Yes, she is sound asleep. Of course, I had to stop laughing, and then take a picture with my phone before I moved her, because I am an awesome parent that way.


carrie said...

Oh, I wish I could fall asleep that easily!

That was fun hanging out with you tonight! :)

Lacey said...

That is too funny! I wouldn't know how to act, Jacey NEVER falls asleep anywhere except a bed (and only at night, forget trying to coerce her into a nap).