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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Meghann versus the tree roach= epic fail

Now, I had heard that there were a lot of bugs in Georgia, especially tree roaches, a.k.a. palmetto bugs. (for those that don't know, they are roaches, about an inch wide and two or three inches long. Fun, no?) We had them in Texas too, so it's nothing new. But here in Georgia? We've had at least one in our house. Every. Night. Now, one good thing is we have a cat who is great at hunting them, and makes sure they die a slow and painful death. The other night though, I was in the master bathroom and I needed to rinse something off my hand, so I just bent over to do it under the tub faucet really quick. As I moved the shower curtain aside, a huge tree roach fell out and started scrambling around the tub. After I was done freaking out, I noticed the tub was too slick and he couldn't get out. A ha! I decide to drown him.

I start the water, and he scurries away to the far end of the tub. The water reaches him and he desperately attempts to run around it along the side of the tub. He falls in the water! Yes!

And promptly starts swimming. I watch in horror as he reaches the side, and starts to climb up it. In a panic, I flipped the water to shower and tried to rinse him down the side that way, soaking my bathroom floor in the process. He gets to a part of the tub the shower can't reach, so I shut the shower part off, and then completely wig out when I realize that making his feet wet has given him the traction to climb the side of the tub finally.

I raced downstairs to get the closest bug spray I could find, but by the time I got back, he was gone. Both me and the husband did a search for him and came up with nothing.

I totally slept downstairs in the living room that night.


angi said...

I have goosesbumps. I'd be calling a bug person, pronto.

Michelle said...

OMG! I am lmao! Welcome to Georgia! No better way to get used to living here than this ;) Just to make you feel better, it happens in my neck of GA too and I have the exact same reaction each time... I scream for Mike and freak the heck out! LOL

Michelle said...

One other thing... you can't get rid of them by exterminator. They live outside and the minute you have an open door they find their way in before you know it! YUCK!