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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

So Far

Just to share our adventures so far.

We drove through Arkansas on Saturday, and then stayed the night in Memphis. Then drove to Chattanooga, Tennessee on Sunday. We've been here since then, relaxing and seeing some sights, including the Tennessee Aquarium, which was really cool. The thing was so big we didn't even get to see all of it.

Today we are hitting the road again, heading to our next destination where we will again be staying a few days to sightsee.

I'll share the few pictures I have taken with my camera phone. My good camera is packed away in the depths of hubby's truck, where it would take a year to get it out, so for a while my phone was all I had. Yesterday I broke down and bought a little point and shoot, and took pictures at the aquarium with that. I haven't resized those yet though, so you'll have to wait. Got some good ones though!

The weather in Arknasas:

Hannah conked out in her carseat with cheetos

Logan keeping himself entertained on the road

Lindsay and Ryan at a rest stop

Time to get on the road again!

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