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Friday, March 07, 2008

Mother Nature is smokin something again

And I know this time, she's not just screwing around with Texas weather, but everybody's.

Two days ago-so warm outside people were in shorts. What we woke up to today:

And then two days from now? Back up to practically shorts weather! Fun!

In other "fun" news. . .I am so ready to live in our own house. Even if buying falls through and we end up renting, it will be so much better than here. Where they can just do things to your house without any notice. Was woken up this morning by some very loud bangs. As in, the whole house was shaking so hard that I thought my bed was going to fall through the floor. Turns out it was the sound of GIANT packs of shingles being dropped on our roof. Apparently they are going to redo the roof. Thanks for the warning that you were going to be doing something huge to the house that might really affect us! Oh yeah, that's right, you didn't. *insert evil eye here*

In actually fun news, the parent teacher conferences were last night, and they went well. Lindsay is just doing great. Is way ahead of where she needs to be. I did feel a twinge of guilt though when I told Lindsay's teacher we will be moving. She really enjoys having Lindsay in her class, and I could tell by her face she is going to miss her. Ryan's conference went well too for the most part. There are issues with him and not wanting to do his work, but we are lucky he has a great teacher that is willing to work with us on that. She understands his mind works so differently than most people's, so she tries to find alternate ways for him to complete things. Ways that interest him. Which I know is such a great thing to have. There are teachers out there that would probably just say "screw it" and let him fail. But his teacher said she knows how bright he is, and she does not want to give him a failing grade. So we love her. Yay Mrs. Burke!

Had more to type but Hannah is sprinkling dog food through the living room!

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angi said...

LOL, you always...always make me smile :)

That is awesome that your kids have great teachers, mine have thus far too, and I am crossing my fingers that they always do. I dread dealing with someone that I do not care for.

I think Hannah & Ava would be great friends...