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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Puppy sitting can be hazardous to your health

Only me. I swear this stuff only happens to me.

As some of you already know, we have a dog, and a cat. The cat is 100% inside, the dog is 100% outside. The dog has come to terms with being outside, she doesn't try to sneak in any more. The cat, however still tries to get out. Even more so now that it's time to get him neutered. I think he suspects what we have planned for him.

Anyways, a neighbor has a puppy, but does not have a fenced in yard. Normally they make it work ok, but they happened to be babysitting some kids over the weekend, and the kids and the puppy just weren't compatible. So, they asked if the puppy could hang out in our backyard for a few days. We said "sure" as it really wasn't that big of a deal, and our dog loves other dogs.

Sunday night, I was out there paying them a bit of attention, and freshening their water bowl and such, and then wanted to get back inside. This is where it got tricky. See, the cat was poised by the back door (which is sliding glass) waiting to get out. The puppy, when he saw I was going inside, planted himself by the door to try to get in. He's normally an inside dog, so being kept outside was a foreign concept for him. We adhere to our "no dogs in the house rule" though, even when it comes to puppies begging.

I waited till the right time to try to get inside. Husband got the cat, so I tried slipping in before the puppy could. I made it in and almost had the door closed, when the puppy stuck his head in. So I knelt down, and gently pushed puppy's head back out and slammed the sliding glass door shut fast before he could get his head back in.

Sounds simple enough right? Until you factor in the part where I was so worried about the puppy's head being in the way of the door when I shut it, I forgot to think about where MY head was. So, yeah. . .I slammed my head in the sliding glass door. I r bright hooman being.

For the record, doing that, really hurts. Like, I literally cried, which didn't even happen when I gave birth. There was no bleeding or anything, which is a miracle, but, here it is 3 days later and it still hurts. Anything that brushes my right ear causes me to jump about 30 feet. It is getting better though.



The Mrs. said...

OUCH! Who knew pets and sliding glass doors could combine to be such a dangerous force.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

I still love you no matter how many times you ... better stop there. :)

Lorie said...

Totally sounds like remnants of a hangover. Hope you get to feeling better soon and that the damage isn't permanent!

Anonymous said...

I once lost the dog that I was "dog sitting". He saw the open door, and was out of the house before I even knew what happened! I couldn't find him...couldn't get in touch with the owners...so I had to leave a note telling them that the dog ran away! That, of course, was only after walking up and down the neighborhood in the sleet/freezing rain, in my PJ's at 5 in the morning, yelling "Frankie....you want a HOT DOG"! (Apparantly, "hot dog" was the sure fire word...except for when the dog is a mile down the road already"). So, we named it the "dog gone" weekend! FYI, the owners eventually found the dog at the pound.