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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nasty bug part deux

So the nasty bug that invaded pretty much chewed me up and spit me out yesterday. I haven't been that sick in a LONG time. Try this year's influenza! It's all the rage, now comes with diarrhea and vomiting!

In other news. . .Logan's therapies are going well. It's odd what you take for granted when you have a "normal" child. There are things I never even thought about with my older kids that Logan actually has to work to learn. Like the thumbs up sign. For the past two weeks his occupational therapist has been working on that with him. (she works with him on a lot of things, this one is just forefront in my mind at the moment) He literally could not make a fist with his thumbs out. I had never noticed, because come on, who consciously checks for stuff like that?

So his therapist has been using different methods, and it's working! He can now successfully give you a thumbs up. The next hurdle is she wants him to be able to wiggle his thumb while his hand is like that. Stuff like this may sound silly at first to be working on with him, but it's all about developing the fine motor skills in his hands so he can learn to write some day.

I guess Logan will be my child to teach me to appreciate the REALLY small things. :)

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The Mrs. said...

Way to go, Logan! Two big thumbs up from us for working so hard!!!

Did he start speech, too? It is so easy to take for granted everything our kids can do. Thanks for that reminder, Meghann. Glad you're feeling better!