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Sunday, January 06, 2008

2008-the year of the squirrel

A few days ago, I startled awake. I lay there wondering what it was that woke me up, when I heard it. This strange noise. I lay there trying to figure out what it was. At first, it sounded like one of my kids doing something strange in my room. So I quickly sat up, but no, the room was child-free at the moment.

At that point I realized the sound was coming from my window. So then I assumed it was the cat doing something strange in the window sill. I stood up, and the cat walked into the room from the hallway, so no, it wasn't him either.

I crept over to the window. And peeked out to see a squirrel. Standing right outside the window looking in. His tail was twitching and it was at that point I realized the sound I was hearing was that sound you hear when squirrels fight. Even with me standing there, he kept doing it. It was a little unnerving. He was looking at me like "If the glass wasn't there, I'd be snacking on your eyeballs right now."

So then I pulled out my trump card. I picked up my cat and put him in the window sill. The squirrel seriously had a look on his face like "Oh s***!" He ran off, although he had the nerve to stick his head around the corner and peek back at us. My cat body slammed the window when he did, and the squirrel ran off for good. He hasn't been back since.

I'm just glad I am lucky enough to have a guard cat, I like my eyeballs.

1 comment:

The Mrs. said...

I would have had to change my pants after that experience. Squirrels and I do not get along. Glad your guard cat scared him away - hopefully for good!