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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Getting into the Christmas spirit

How is everyone doing so far this year in the Christmas spirit department? Me? Meh. Christmas is my favorite holiday, always has been. But the past few years have proven difficult. It never really *feels* like Christmas.

Last night I went to Wally World and wandered around the Christmas section for what felt like eons. The night shift I think was starting to look at me funny. I mean, there are only so many times you can walk down a few aisles without looking crazy.

I'm not though! Crazy, I mean. I was just taking my time. First I decided I wanted really shiny and pretty wrapping paper this year. (even though I know it means that late nights cursing at that slippery stuff while trying to wrap gifts is in my future.) So I walked up and down the long wrapping paper aisle finding just the right ones. Then I decided I needed bows. And then ribbon to make them extra special. Oh yeah, and tags!

Then I found this neat little wreath stand thing, and so then spent even more time finding a wreath I liked. I was unsuccessful though, so I put the stand back. Then I looked at the outside lights stuff to see if there was anything we could possibly need. Actually I was really looking for mini-light up candy canes. Everybody and their dog seems to have the full size light up candy canes lining their driveway. But one night, I saw one driveway with little ones. And those I liked. Turns out Wally World does not have mini-light up candy canes. Sigh.

So *then* I decided to get the props to do the kids' Christmas pictures. And that took a while. I wanted a light up garland, but didn't find any I liked, so instead went with a different concept. (what? well that's a surprise!) After I got all that, then the nativities caught my eye, so I spent a few minutes looking at those. Didn't find any that struck my fancy though.

I finished out my trip by going down the animated decor aisle. But that was just scary, so I ran away. (Seriously, there was one that was trio, with a cow, a pig, and what looked like a squirrel, each making their respective sounds to the tune of a Christmas carol. See? S-c-a-r-y!)

I guess I was trying to get the spirit by osmosis, since it seems to be elusive yet again this year. I was not being some crazy person just wandering the aisles. Or at least, that is my story, and I am sticking to it!


Lorie said...

This entry jus totally reminded me of the ever so annoying singing Christmas Tree and Texas Santa at work. I swear every time someone pushes that damn button I want to fly at them with a baseball bat. Ugh! Bah Humbug! I'm sure I'd be more in the spirit if all my shopping was done, but it isn't. Le sigh!

angi said...

Osmosis....I looooove it!