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Monday, November 26, 2007

A Quick Recap

We had a blast on our trip. Our first full day there was perfect. We let Lindsay open her presents, we spent the afternoon at the beach and then hit the sea turtle rescue center, and then hit the best mexican restaurant on the planet. Then we came back to the condo, popped popcorn, and watched movies on cable. It was a great day.

The next two days were less than perfect, as a cold front moved in. It was very windy, cold, and rainy. We still made the best of it, even though it mostly ended up with us watching way more t.v. than we wanted. And we tried to focus on the one great day we did get. Our last night me and Ryan hit the beach to look for crabs. It was too cold for any of the little ones to come along. We didn't see any crabs, but it was high tide and we found some awesome shells. And just had some good mommy/oldest child bonding time.

Saturday we packed up and came home. The drive was long, but the kids did great. And we were assaulted when we got home by our very lonely cat. LOL!

And now for the onslaught of pictures:

The view from our back porch at the condo

Hannah, the sandy aftermath of the beach

Kids drawing in the fog on the mirror while daddy showered

Hannah's first poptart!

Big brother and his littlest sister

Waves, you can tell how windy it was

Logan playing

Cat that hung around our condo

Hannah, future Olympic gymnast

Lindsay on her birthday

Sea Turtles


Lorie said...

I seriously never knew of that rescue center. You'll have to tell me where it is so I can visit next time I go. Such a cool tank. My parents actually owned a stuffed one from when we lived in Singapore when I was a small child.

The Mrs. said...

Great pictures. And that Hannah - what an athlete! Sorry the weather didn't cooperate, but it still sounds like you made the most of it.

angi said...

Awww...what great pictures!