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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Moving on

Today (well technically yesterday now) Hannah is officially a year old. Yes, her birthday was back in July, but I could always consider her less than a year old because gestationally, she was. I could ignore the fact that toddler days are barreling down on us quickly. Surprisingly though, the day wasn't as emotional as I was expecting. Last year, it was very hard. The day arrived, and to our family it was just another day. But for all of my pregnancy, it was supposed to be *the* day. A pregnant woman's due date is some sort of personal mecca to her. You count the weeks according to that date. You think about the future according to that date. Everything revolves around it.

So last year was hard. This year, I only thought about it being my due date a few times throughout the day. And there was no sadness attached like I was sure there would be. That chapter of our life is truly closing, which I am approaching with a mix of melancholy and excitement. What a wild ride this has been, I can only imagine what the next bend in the track is going to bring.


Lorie said...

She's still your baby, as I'm sure all your children still are, right? I usually crack a smile whenever I hear Sabrina answer the age question of her youngest. She still uses months. Right now, she's at 21 months. Just say the kid turns 2 in December, but she won't!

The Mrs. said...

I was right at my due date when they scheduled my c-section for McKenna, and Elaina was a scheduled c-section too, so didn't have those same emotions tied to their due dates. When we hit McKenna's due date (three days before she was born) I usually groan to myself and think, "Ugh. I was SO ready to be done being pregnant by now!".

I'm sure my feelings toward that date would be totally different had I delivered earlier that the date. I still can't believe little Miss Hannah is over a year old!