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Monday, January 29, 2007

Writer's block ramblings. (you know I used to be funny. . .)

Rambling #1-a good evening spent: taking the time to teach your children how to do a proper fishy face.

Rambling #2-Having a child in school has taught me that I am not as smart as I once was. Or at least thought I was.

"Mom how does an octupus eat?"

"umm, I dunno. Through their mouth, I guess."

"Well what about starfish? What does a starfish eat?"

"I'm not sure."

"I think they eat plants."

"Oh. I don't think they eat plants."

"Well then what DO they eat?"

"I told you, I have no idea."

*insert rolled eyes from child. I am obviously a moron because I do not know the dietary requirements of sealife.*

"I think starfish eat plants."

*Child then looks out the window. His last statement was just that. A definitive statement, and this conversation is over. He ignores his mother, who has the IQ of a grapefruit, to do quantum physics problems in his head.*

Rambling #3-For future reference, a 2 year old left alone for 10 seconds so you can pee, with a bottle of maple syrup on the table, is a BAD idea.


Lacey said...


You know, #2 and #3 I can definitely relate to!

Michelle said...

:) We are all morons once we necome parents!!

~k~ said...

Well a starfish eats mostly bivalves (like clams& mussels). They wrap around the shell and squeeze until it opens enough to insert it's stomach into the bivalve and digests it's meal inside the prey's shell!

My son is 14 so I've got lots of useless info floating around my brain, lol!

BTW, I love your blog :)
Kim (aka Beesneeze)