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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ooh, shiny object!

Today I got a new keyboard in the mail. My old one, well became a victim of being my keyboard. My desk isn't exactly the cleanest place in the world. (I'm starting to suspect it has it's own ecosystem) And my old keyboard had countless things spilled on it. It was amazing it still worked at all. The shift key getting stuck at times, I could handle. But the final straw was the spacebar crapping out. It would either not work at all, or it would work, but would type an unwanted c or v because those two keys happened to be glued to it by dried Sprite, which turns out to rival super glue when it is on your keyboard.

So I went to "Not The Best Buy" to look at keyboards. I am really picky when it comes to my typing apparati. I finally found one that I liked, but of course, did I see a price or one in a box anywhere? No. So I tried to look helpless to see if that would attract some help. Nope. I saw an associate in the next row and looked him in the eye. He scurried off to the other demention where they reside before any words could escape my lips. So finally, I concentrate and emit an aura of "I am here to spend tons of money!" Out of nowhere, an associate magically appears.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes, I am interested in this keyboard, but can't find it anywhere."

She quickly scans the shelves.

"We don't have it right now."

"Then why is it still on display?"

"Because at some point we might get new stock in."

She senses my farce. That I am not there to spend my life savings. She disappears as quickly as she appeared.

So I came home and went online and found the one I saw at the store at "Not-the-Best-Buy.com". Then I decide to shop around, and find it for 10 bucks cheaper at "Short Circuit City" online.

It came today, and I hooked it up right away. I have been finding excuses to type things. (like this post) It types like "buttah". And it has LED lights under the keyboard! You can pick between blue, red, or purple! It is the awesome. I heart it.

And in other news, this marks the 50th post for Midget Invasion!

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Michelle said...

Yay for new keyboards and 50th posts!!! :) You're big time now!