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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2006: year of the anti-climax

It was a good holiday season, even though my dreams of a puke free Christmas were not fulfilled. The kids are now on the mend though, so that is cool.

New Year's Eve we were with family, and then came home so we could be here when midnight tolled. Last year I was in the middle of driving home when that happened, and it really sucked. It fit in with the year 2005 though which in a lot of ways, was the year of the suck. I figure maybe what happens at midnight will have something to do with what kind of year it will be.

So we hurried home, got the kids inside, and booted up the computer. Went to the atomic clock website and watched the official countdown. The younger two kids were asleep, but the oldest watched it with us. No clue what was going on, but mommy and daddy were really insisting it was a special thing. He was pretty skeptical but mommy and daddy say it is a Really Cool thing. 23:59:58, 23:59:59, 00:00:00!!!! Happy New Year! Kiss husband, kiss oldest child, and then we all went to bed. Literally. A very anti-climactic event. Which is holding true for this year so far.

Yesterday was husband's last day of vacation, and he wanted to have fun, so we drove down to Austin. Took the kids to an awesome park called Zilker Park, where there are animals, and nature trails, and a huge sandbox called the dino pit, where there are fake dinosaur bones hidden everywhere, and shovels and brushes so the kids can dig them up. The park closed at 5, so we needed something to do until we were hungry enough for dinner. We decided to go see the bats. In Austin there is this bridge with 750,000 bats living under it. At sunset, they fly out to go hunt. It is supposed to be a neat thing to watch. So we go there and wait. The sun sinks further and further and the kids become more and more restless. Mommy and daddy keep promising this is going to be Really Cool. After some time a bat here and there flits around. Oh boy! It should be soon kids, just wait a few more minutes! Then we see about 10 at a time flitting about. The suspense builds!

After being there for more than an hour we begin to realize that the big rush we are expecting isn't going to happen. Or if it IS, it won't be for a while. And it is getting rather dark and cold. One theory that husband had was that they knew we were watching them, and were doing it to spite us. Meh, who knows! So we decide to leave. Yet another anti-climax. Our kids are never going to trust us again about what is cool. Oh well, it was bound to happen sooner or later, why not kindergarten?

So Happy New Year, and welcome to the year of the anti-climax.

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