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Sunday, December 18, 2005

So Christmas is barrelling down upon us

I am the world's biggest procrastinator, the only people I have bought presents for are the kids. Haven't even bought the hubster anything yet. And we won't even discuss Christmas trees or lights. They usually say that people who leave things to the last minute work better under pressure. I say: BULL! I hate pressure, it's the one thing that can make me not want to do something the most. I don't know why I wait. I think it's because there is always something else to do. (check email, do the dishes, sleep) This week's excuse, er, reason: the kids who were over the stomach flu a few days ago, have it again! We are once again being visited by the puke fairy. I hate her. She works the same way as the tooth fairy. . .coming stealthily in the middle of the night, but I'd much rather be finding a dollar.

On a happier note: my 3 year old daughter is finally paci free. It was a long hard uphill battle. I hated the thought that I had a 3 year old that still used one, even begging for it at times. It was like little kid crack. "Come on mom, just one hit so I can get some sleep. I'll cut down next week, I promise." We tried forcefully taking it away, and all that resulted in was her waking up 5,673,492 times at night, usually screaming at the top of her lungs, ensuring the entire household woke up. But finally, this past week has been different. She has been falling asleep without one. It's amazing what letting them fall asleep on the couch watching videos will do. (hey, it WORKED) And then last night, she actually slept in her bed. . .without a paci! Sure, she didn't go to bed till 3 a.m. but it still happened, 9 hours of sleep, in her bed, with no pacifier. You take what victories you can get.

Next target will be potty training, although I have no idea how. They say no kid goes to school in diapers, but I am beginning to get skeptical about that. When asked whether she wanted to be a big girl and wear princess panties, or a baby and wear a diaper, she said "a baby". How do you argue with that? We have tried bribing, talking the potty thing up like it's the coolest thing EVAR, and I even resorted to the thing that worked with her older brother, making them roam the house naked. With him, it resulted in a potty trained little boy in 3 days. With her, it resulted in a lot of pee on my floor to clean up, and I'm pretty sure I saw her smirking at me while I did.

She follows her own path, and does her own thing. She refuses to conform. Which in a way, I'm glad of, it will serve her well in life if she can channel it right. In another way though, to put it simply, mommy is very tired.

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Lacey said...

Ahh, hang in there....Miss Princess will get it soon enough:-) We thought Jacey was going to go to college in a diaper and finally, when we stopped pushing she did it herself. Oy....they say girls are easy until the teenage years...ha, ya right!